Products made from HERBS

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here is a quick guide to refer you to some of the best and most nutritious products made from herbs.

You might well have heard about it, Herbalife! Here is a link to where you can buy it and increase your health from today. It is available in many countries in the world, you go right ahead and find your shake today!


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Under a Tree…

Well many things can happen under a tree… Including growing herbs. Yet, we wouldn’t recommend that. For obvious reasons.

but much can be learned from trees and using than in your hobby – stay put for more detail to follow soon. Read Full Post…


Perfect Drainage

When it comes to your hothouse setup, make sure you have a good solution for drainage. This is something people can easy forget and then when it comes to excess water, they have a problem. If you do not take care, you can end up with a big mess or being slowed down tremendously. We have taken our advice from a carpet cleaning professional turned hobbyist hothouse builder. He sourced special mats for us, treated our carpets with special waterproof stuff and also helped us with the laying of underfloor heating! A real all in one job… Read Full Post…

Start today 2

For The Beginner

Nothing stops you from starting your own garden right away. If you are going to wait for the perfect time of the year, for the perfect time in your life, for the next moon-landing, or whatever it is that you might think of before you start it, you probably will never. You are then likely to stay where you are, not move an inch, and sit on this nice idea until the next idea comes up. Read Full Post…

Happy plants

Hothouse Perfection

It took us quite a while to set everything up before we could start this business, and once we were finished, we were ready to take on the world. Many of you have asked us about growing herbs yourself and what kind of tips we can give you… well we thought to do that and send some links your way.

Starting out with the hothouse, we couldn’t find anybody with the right amount skill to build us a hothouse, so we ended up getting the right construction guys out to help us. A skylight company had the best idea, and although they do not specialize in hothouses, they had a great understanding of what our needs were, what we were to do and how to do it… so did it all for us, and we are very happy. Read Full Post…


It Is Time

it is time for a health change, and that will happen today for those who want it.

Herb-world is your new 1 stop herb garden, preparing for all things good and natural.

The action will happen here soon, we are working hard behind the scenes!

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